Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre

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Directions and Contact

Anyone can be a victim of physical or sexual assault. If you have been assaulted, go to a safe place and tell someone. You have the option to go to a hospital for care and treatment. You have the option to call police, as you are a victim of a crime.

Out team provides care at the time of the assault and in the months following the initial incident. We can help.

The Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre provides care for women, children, and men experiencing sexual assault and/or domestic violence living in Oxford, Elgin, and Middlesex counties.

We Understand

You may feel confused, ashamed, angry, numb, unsafe or anxious. These feelings are common. It takes time to regain a sense of control over your body and feelings. You are in no way responsible for the behavior of the offender.

caregiver taking hand of patient

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