The Faces of Clinical Ethics at St. Joseph's

Clinical Ethicist
Marleen Van Laethem Marleen Van Laethem, BSc, MHSc
St. Joseph's Health Care London
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Ontario

Phone: 519 646-6100 ext. 42251

Administrative Assistant
Nancy Cordell

519 646-6100 ext. 66029

Health Care Ethics Committee of the Board
Chair: Margaret McLaughlin
Margaret McLaughlin

Parkwood and Mount Hope Ethics Education and Consultation Committee
Chair: Julie Gagliardi

Regional Mental Health Care London and St. Thomas Ethics Education and Consultation Committee
Chair: Kathy White B.A., B. Ed., Adult Education Certificate
Kathy White

St. Joseph's Hospital Ethics Education and Consultation Committee – Co-Chairs
Ciaran McKenna, Specialist, Canadian Association of Pastoral Practitioners and Educators
Ciaran McKenna

Gloria R. Aykroyd, MSW, RSW
Gloria Aykroyd

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