Spiritual Care: Memorial Services

Celebration of Life Services

Patients who have been part of the Palliative Care Program at either St. Joseph's Health Care, London or London Health Science Centre and have died are remembered in a special service of recognition: The Celebration of Life.

A planning team offers this non-religious memorial service to offer spiritual support to families and friends who have suffered the loss of a loved one and are making their way along their grief journey. Selected readings, contemporary music, a memory table, and a candle light service of remembrance are key elements in the Celebration of Life.

Perinatal Memorial Service

Families who have experienced an early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neo-natal death are invited to participate in an annual spring memorial service held at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Through the use of music, selected readings, and the lighting of candles in remembrance of the losses, this multi-faith service provides family members and staff a step along the journey toward healing. The service is planned by the Indisciplinary Perinatal Loss Committee and the Spiritual Care department.

Staff Memorial Service

This service, organized in the fall by the Spiritual Care department, provides an opportunity for staff to reflect on personal losses experienced in the past year.

Mount Hope Memorial Service

We honour the lives of the residents and staff family members who have died in the past year. Held twice a year, this ecumenical service is led by staff and members of the community. It offers spiritual and emotional support to families and friends who have lost a loved one.

Parkwood Hospital Memorial Service

Palliative Care hosts two services each year usually in April and October at Parkwood Hospital where all those who have died in that unit are remembered by family and friends. This celebration of life gathering is held in the Parkwood Auditorium.

Two other services are held. One in April and one in October each year to remember those who have died in the hospital which included "A" Pod and "B" Pod and the Western Counties Wing Residents' Council initiated this service to give patients, their families and staff an opportunity to remember those patients who have died. Staff plan this service. Patients and staff participate in the service along with representatives of the Royal Canadian Legion and community.

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