Your Donations Changed Lives

Recovery Out in the Community

a woman drinking coffee in front of a storefront
Jill Wright was able to learn the skills she needs to get her life back on track and help others, thanks to a giving community.

It’s been nearly nine years since Rob Staffen was cycling down a mountain in California when his road bike malfunctioned, catapulting him head-first into the desert. And it was a few years ago when Jill Wright, during a hectic evening at home, accidentally hit her head on a granite counter. Both suffered traumatic brain injuries that changed their lives.

In the Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at Parkwood Institute, patients learn skills to get their lives back on track. Because of donors, people can now tap into that knowledge and training at home with St. Joseph’s free, online educational toolkit. Designed to empower patients to pace and plan their recovery, the toolkit includes: the MyBrainPacer™ app, which helps patients track their daily activity and symptoms; a concussion care video series—the brainchild of Jill; and, a Mindfulness podcast series.

For Rob and Jill, the care and expertise at Parkwood Institute made recovery possible and now others can access the same tools and support.

an black and white image produced by an ultrasound
The new ultrasounds feature the latest advancements in image processing for improved clinical information.

The Power of Detection

Whether you’re coming into the hospital with a sports injury, or a serious health concern, ultrasound technology is one of the key diagnostic tools a radiologist uses at the beginning of your care journey. Every five years there’s a quantum leap in technology, but St. Joseph’s units have been in use for almost 10 years. Because of donors, 11 new ultrasounds were purchased, enabling radiologists to see in greater detail and clarity for more accurate and faster diagnosis.

Hometown Heroes

In the midst of COVID-19, the London Knights and the London Knights Alumni Foundation were true champions, kick-starting their own fundraising for The St. Joseph’s Health Crisis Fund. After the Ontario Hockey League canceled their season, they rebroadcasted their 2016 Memorial Cup playoff win and ran a 50/50 draw throughout the campaign. They also hosted a charity golf tournament. In total they raised $50,000 for crucial pandemic resources to support patients, residents and staff.

an elderly man wrapped in a blanket sits on a rocking chair
Bill, a resident at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, says his worries melt away when he spends time in the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair made possible by donor support.

No Ordinary Rocking Chair

For Bill, a resident at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, his Parkinson’s disease and cognitive decline (similar to dementia) cause him to experience bouts of restlessness, anxiety and agitation—making it hard for him to relax. 

Because of donors, residents in both the Memory Care Unit and Marian Villa at Mount Hope are able to enjoy the benefits of two Wellness Nordic Relax Chairs—specialized rocking chairs with music and tactile stimulation for calming therapy. This technique is now considered best practice in long-term care.

The rocking chair therapy has helped Bill experience hours of peace where his body and mind can rest—improving his overall health and wellbeing.

Making Over the Western Counties Wing

An elderly man gives a thumbs up before enjoying his meal
Vincent Cavanaugh, a Veteran at Parkwood Institute, stayed safe and comfortable indoors thanks to donor support, which enhanced his living and recreation spaces.

In a year when staying in was essential, Veterans in the Western Counties Wing at Parkwood Institute enjoyed all the comforts of home with much-needed updates. Because of donors, Veterans’ dining rooms were transformed into “Country Diners” with new chairs, scenic wall murals and nutrition stations.

The Veterans’ living spaces were also updated with the latest accessible furniture, overbed tables, power recliners and new sofas and lounge chairs.