Health Professionals' Education

The Seating Program at Parkwood Institute believes in education as a means to improving all people's access to effective and satisfactory wheelchair and/or seating. To this end, the Seating Program provides various formal and informal educational opportunities for health professionals.

Informal Education

The Seating Program at Parkwood Institute is a firm believer in informal education. Informal education occurs through observation, hands on interaction with our therapists and discussion of specific cases and issues. The following informal opportunities are available at this time:

  • Health professionals are welcome to attend the Seating Clinic with their client. Learn about the referral process.
  • Health professionals are also welcome to attend clinics to observe the assessment process. To arrange these please contact the Seating Program at 519 685-4292 ext. 42199.
  • The Seating Program does provide consultation services to community OTs and PTs, provided the client and community therapist come to Parkwood lnstitute.

Formal Education

Formal Education usually takes the form of a workshop. Seating Program therapists are actively involved in presenting workshops, in-services or seminars at different venues related to wheelchair and seating.  Contact tthe Seating Program for further information.

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