How to Refer for Assessment

Obtaining a wheelchair or seating equipment to meet your own specific needs can sometimes be a confusing process. This information was developed to assist you in understanding how the process works when you seek the assistance of Parkwood lnstitute's Adult Wheelchair and Seating Program.

To be referred to Parkwood Institute's Adult Wheelchair and Seating Program:

Requests for assessment can be initiated by anyone including the client, health professionals, care providers or family. The person to be assessed must meet the following criteria:

  • Adult who lives in Southwestern Ontario
  • Have a valid OHIP card (or alternate payment plan)
  • Requires an assessment for wheelchair and related seating

We do not accept referrals for walkers or scooters.
We do not accept referrals for seating issues not related to wheelchairs.

Referral Form and Process:

Due to a high volume of requests, the Adult Wheelchair and Seating Program generally has a waiting list. Your name cannot be placed on the waiting list until the following 2 documents have been received:

  1. The Seating Program Pre-Assessment Form. Please ensure all sections are completed including your diagnosis.
  2. You must obtain a physician's referral for a wheelchair/seating assessment. Contact your doctor's office to ask how to do this. The doctor can write the referral on prescription pad indicating the need for a wheelchair/seating assessment. This may be faxed directly to the Seating Program by the doctor's office.

The above information can be mailed or faxed to the Seating Program at 519 685-4560. For your own security, please do not email the completed form.

You will be contacted once both pieces of information are received to inform you your name has been placed on the waiting list.  You will be contacted again approximately four weeks before an appointment time is available.

Last updated: Wed, 2014-12-24 15:14