Reversible wheezing is characteristic of asthma. Although it may be mild and intermittent, sometimes asthma can be severe. Fortunately, today’s medications are much more effective at controlling asthma.

Pulmonary function tests

Tests of your breathing function can be very helpful to diagnose your asthma, and to monitor your degree of control. Spirometry can be organized through the Allergy and Immunology Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital.


It is important to take your asthma medications regularly, and we try very hard to keep asthma under control.

Your asthma management plan will be prepared just for you. Ask your doctor to give you a written action plan, which will help to understand when your medications should be adjusted and what to do when you have symptoms.


The Asthma Society of Canada has information on adults and children, and includes information on how to properly use your asthma medications. Helpful information is also available from The Lung Association as well.

Last updated: Wed, 2012-08-29 16:25