Drug Allergies

Drug Allergy Clinic

The Drug Allergy Clinic is part of the Allergy and Immunology Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The clinic is focused on treating allergies to medications. The most common drugs that we deal with are antibiotics (especially penicillin) and also local anesthetic allergies. Of course, there are thousands of other medications that can cause problems, and we deal with those too.

The history that the doctor takes from you is very important, and can help to differentiate dangerous allergic reactions from other kinds of adverse reactions to medications. If you have any information about your reaction, please bring it with you. Sometimes it’s helpful to review an past experience with a parent or relative, if that’s possible. It’s helpful to know exactly what the drug was, what were you taking it for, what happened, and how quickly the problem started and then went away. Try to detail any treatments that were required.

Last updated: Wed, 2012-08-29 16:29