Amputee Rehabilitation Program

Directions and Contact

Your stay in hospital is just the beginning of your rehabilitation journey. Your rehabilitation may continue after you leave the hospital. How long you stay with us depends on the type of treatment you need. In the first few days of your stay we will work with you to plan your discharge. We will help you find services in the community for when you go home.

The amputee program has eight inpatient beds at Parkwood lnsitute. Our program cares for patients who have had a limb amputation and are ready to be fit with an artificial limb (prosthesis). We are a regional program and primarily serve patients from Southwestern Ontario. We provide rehabilitation, education and support. We teach patients how to use their artificial limb and help them choose the right limb for their needs.  

Outpatient clinic 

Patients are assessed in our outpatient amputee clinic to see if they are a candidate for our inpatient program. This assessment is done by a doctor, with other team members present. Team members may include the physiotherapist, nurse clinician, occupational therapist and social worker. Appointments for the outpatient clinic are booked by the patient’s surgeon, family doctor or nurse practitioner. 

Patients with upper limb amputations are often treated through our outpatient clinic and do not need to stay in hospital. 

patient in amputee rehabilitation program

Artificial limbs 

Each individual patient is assessed to see if they are a candidate for an artificial limb. A representative from a private company that makes articficial limbs is available at the clinic. Patients who are candidates are put on the waiting list for the inpatient program. Patients are called a few days in advance to let them know a bed is available. 

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Assistive Devices Program covers a portion of the cost of most artificial limbs. Patients must pay any costs not covered. You will be given a cost estimate from an artificial limb maker. 

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