2012-2013 Annual Report

Our Patients

Our commitment to quality and safe care is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from patients and residents every day and through our formal satisfaction surveys. In 2012, we realized success in areas of focus related to patient safety and the quality such as hand hygiene rates and cancer surgery wait times. We also increased our transparency by sharing our patient satisfaction results on our website. 

Hand Hygiene

Proper hand washing is a key component to protecting our patients and staff and preventing the spread of infection in our facilities. In 2012, our goal was to achieve 85 per cent hand hygiene compliance before patient contact. To do this we:

  • enhanced our auditing and reporting of hand hygiene rates
  • shared success from areas with high compliance
  • created a program to target specific staff and physician groups

Our Result

We achieved 87 per cent compliance before patient contact. 

Patient Satisfaction

By listening to our patients, reporting our successes and areas in need of improvement and holding ourselves accountable we foster a culture of enhanced patient care, leading to better clinical outcomes. 

The Patient Satisfaction Process

Feedback from St. Joseph's patients, residents and families is gathered through one-on-one interviews, mailed surveys, comment cards, website forms, from leaders and staff and the organization's patient, resident and family councils. To ensure a standardized approach, results are gathered and compiled by NRC Picker Canada, an organization used by hospitals across Ontario, allowing results to be compared.

Our Result

We consistently receive ratings that are similar or above the average ratings of similar hospital organizations in Ontario. In a 2012 NRC Picker report comparing patient satisfaction across the province, St. Joseph’s achieved the highest rating for "overall care" among Ontario teaching hospitals for acute inpatient care. 

Cancer Surgery Wait Times

After a cancer diagnosis waiting for treatment can be overwhelming for patients and their families, creating a great deal of anxiety. The longer the wait, the greater the anxiety can be. St. Joseph’s is dedicated to decreasing wait times for cancer surgeries from the decision to treat to the surgery and in 2012 our goal was 84 days. To reach this we:

  • enhanced our reports to individual physician offices to assist in scheduling patients to meet wait times
  • had one-on-one visits with physician offices to increase awareness and reinforce the use of DART (decision and readiness to treat date) dates.
  • had monthly follow up calls to assist in rescheduling patient cases where possible to meet wait times

Our Result

Our current wait time from decision to treat to surgery for all cancers is 55 days.