2012-2013 Annual Report

Our People

Over the past year we have focused efforts on strategies to improve the well-being and safety of our staff and physicians. Our commitment to a healthy work environment continues as we build on our successes in key areas such as influenza vaccination and improving employee attendance and decreasing workplace injuries.  

Influenza Vaccination

Receiving the influenza vaccination is an important strategy to protect both our staff and patients from getting influenza and reducing the severity of the impact on those who do. In 2012 our goal was to have 55 per cent of our staff and physicians vaccinated. To achieve this we:

  • implemented  an online survey for staff and physicians which provided feedback and ideas used to improve  our vaccination program
  • improved the convenience and access to the vaccination in our facilities 
  • created an e-learning training module to ensure staff and physicians have all of the facts and science behind the vaccination
  • enhanced our reporting by posting our vaccination rates weekly to our intranet
  • encouraged participation and accountability through use of placing a sticker on ID badges of staff and physicians who had been vaccinated 

Our Result

In 2012, 56.2 per cent of staff and 81.9 per cent of physicians received the influenza vaccination. 

Improving Our Employee Attendance

St. Joseph’s has a proud history of having a supportive and vibrant culture of care and service. We consistently strive to be, “a great place to work” and continue this journey through goals set in our corporate strategic plan. We know a key factor in employee and patient engagement is in ensuring staff feel supported to attend work.  Attendance at work is a commitment we make to ourselves, to each other and to our patients and residents. 

Our Result

By working together over the past three years we have made improvements in our staff attendance and have reduced the average number of sick days per eligible full-time employee by two days. We know there is still improvement that can occur and have a continued commitment for this as an ongoing priority.

Decreasing Workplace Injuries

At St. Joseph’s, having a safe work environment isn’t a goal, it’s an expectation. The safety of our staff, physicians and patients is paramount to what we do. There are many factors involved in workplace injuries and through evaluation, planning, education, streamlined reporting processes and monitoring of our progress we are working to decrease the occurrence of injuries. In 2012 our goal was to reduce our staff injury rate by five per cent. Our target was to have 46 workplace injuries at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care and 108 as a combined total from our other sites.  

Our Result

The number of workplace injuries – 113 (combined total excluding Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care)

The number of workplace injuries at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care - 33