2012-2013 Annual Report

Redefining What It Means To Be a Hospital

A New Era, and A New Look, Takes Shape at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

St. Joseph’s Hospital is getting a make-over – peeling back the old layers to reveal a brand new hospital and a new era in health care. The next time you visit you will notice many changes, including a sleek, refreshed look and a central outpatient area. 

New look St. Joseph's Hospital

The new sleek look of St. Joseph’s Hospital also makes the building much more energy efficient.  The portion of the building shown here is located at the corner of Wellington and Grosvenor Streets. 

Since August 2011 when ground broke for the last phase of restructuring, renovations have been underway both inside and outside the hospital. On the third floor, the former birthing centre has been transformed into 42,000 square/feet of purpose-built space for St. Joseph’s internationally recognized ambulatory medicine programs, including chronic disease care. On the outside, at the corner of Grosvenor and Wellington streets, new windows and sleek metal paneling that replaces deteriorating brick walls improve the building’s energy efficiency and give it a face-lift. 

At the corner of Richmond and Grosvenor streets, meanwhile, the outdated building (zone A) has been torn down and in its place a new accessible entrance, as well as plenty of green space and an outdoor garden featuring a “living-wall” of green foliage, will emerge.

"This last step in restructuring is a culmination of much effort, energy and dedication to create spaces that will enhance the patient experience at St. Joseph’s Hospital," says Karen Perkin, Vice President, Acute and Ambulatory, Professional Practice and Chief Nurse Executive. "The goal is streamlined, convenient, comprehensive care. Individuals can come here to be tested, diagnosed, treated and given the right tools to manage their health needs. Restructuring is also providing us with dedicated space to continue as leaders in teaching and research. Exciting milestones are happening right here at St. Joseph’s that are improving care and outcomes."

What You Can Expect On Your Next Visit

St. Joseph’s Hospital specializes in minimally evasive, same day and short stay surgery, and outpatient treatment of complex medical and chronic disease. Expert interdisciplinary teams help patients reach optimal health and well-being through assessment, diagnosis, disease prevention and management strategies, and follow up care. Each year, more than 310,000 outpatient visits are made to St. Joseph's Hospital and about 21,000 day and short-stay surgical procedures are performed. 

In September 2012, a central outpatient area opened in zone B, level 3 featuring a single point of registration, bright, spacious areas, and improved patient privacy and amenities.  Outpatient clinics and services that have moved into this new area are: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Asthma
  • Allergy/immunology
  • Cardiovascular Investigation Unit
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD)
  • General respirology
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory
  • Infectious diseases, which moved from their location on Oxford Street into the hospital.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program

In addition to the third floor, renovations are now complete in other areas of St. Joseph’s Hospital. Programs and services that have recently moved into these brand new spaces are: 

  • Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre, now located in zone B, level 0, room B0-644
  • Prescription Shop (pharmacy), now located in zone B, level 0, B0-216
  • Osteoporosis outpatient clinic, which can now be found in zone B, level 4, room B4-084.

New Programs at St. Joseph’s

As part of acute care restructuring in London, two renowned programs have joined St. Joseph’s in recent months.  The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program and the Allergy and Immunology Program moved from London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) to St. Joseph’s Hospital, further strengthening the role of St. Joseph’s as a leader in ambulatory care and chronic disease management. As well, infectious diseases care at LHSC has merged with the Infectious Diseases Care Program at St. Joseph’s. Patients of these programs can find the clinics in the central outpatient area in zone B, level 3. 

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