Finding hope and health through art

At Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, helping residents explore - or rediscover - their artistic talent is allowing imagination, and hope, to take flight. A vibrant art therapy program provides meaningful activity that contributes to health and wellness - mind, body and spirit.

Woman at Mount Hope painting in Art Therapy program
Learn more by viewing the art therapy program video on YouTube (link will open in a new browser window)

"Creating art is therapeutic, helping residents express their emotions, communicate, interact socially and grow personally," says art therapist Emmy MacLachlan.

Participating in art therapy helps residents reduce tension, enhance self-esteem, and foster happiness, friendships and personal satisfaction. In the words of one resident, "Art therapy is a safe place to reflect and find a sense of who I am.”

"It gives me hope for the future,” says another. “It's the beginning of something new."