HUGO has arrived

With much anticipation, HUGO arrived and patient safety across St. Joseph’s got a boost. 


HUGO launch on May 21 was a transformative day for St. Joseph’s and for patient care.

On May 21, after years of preparation, HUGO (Healthcare Undergoing Optimization) launched at all sites of the organization – a transformative step in the delivery of care. Driven by the pursuit of safer patient care, St. Joseph’s is among 10 hospitals across the region to harness the latest in technology and adopt HUGO, which shifts the ordering of tests and prescribing of medications from paper to the computer. At the heart of HUGO is the overall quality and effectiveness of care processes. HUGO helps standardize practice, decrease variance and steps that are not helpful to patient care delivery, reduce errors, and measure and ensure best practice. 

The commitment by staff, physicians and trainees to this revolutionary shift has been outstanding. There are hundreds of new processes across St. Joseph’s driven by HUGO and a commitment to doing it better. 

With HUGO implementation, the region became the first in the province to go live with this level of electronic health record integration. It marks a giant step forward in the journey towards a fully integrated electronic health record.