Ivey Eye Institute: Facts

What We Do

  • We provide quality medical and surgical eye care for our community and region.
  • We train future eye care practitioners.
  • We share our knowledge and understanding with our patients, students, and colleagues.
  • We carry out research to advance the state of the art of eye disorders and disease management.

Ivey Eye Institute: Dr. Gonder

Ivey Eye Institute: clinician

What We Will Be
A respected source of excellent diagnostic, medical and surgical eye care, ophthalmic teaching and research.

Our services will be guided by the people we serve through close working alliances in the community and across the continuum of eye care.

Provision of services from prevention through screening and visual rehabilitation will assist individuals to preserve or regain their eye sight.

Who We Serve
Patients come to the Ivey Eye Institute from as far east as the Niagara region, north to Sault Ste Marie and south to Essex County.

Referrals from around the world have been treated at the Ivey Eye Institute.


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