Ivey Eye Institute: Dr. Melvyn Goodale

Dr. Melvyn Goodale

Dr. Melvyn Goodale Dr. Melvyn Goodale (link to profile at The University of Western Ontario Department of Psychology) is a Professor in Visual Neuroscience at the University of Western Ontario. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Visual Neuroscience in the Departments of Psychology and Physiology.  Dr. Goodale is best known for his work on the functional organization of the visual pathways in the cerebral cortex, and was a pioneer in the study of visuomotor control in neurological patients. He has also been active in developing the graduate program in Neuroscience at Western Ontario, for which he was awarded the prestigious E.G. Pleva Award for Contributions to Teaching in 1994. Dr. Goodale has authored numerous publications and most recently co-authored a book ‘The Visual Brain in Action’ with Dr. David Milner.

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