Ivey Eye Institute: Dr. T. Sheidow

Dr. T. Sheidow, MD, MMath, BEd, BMath, FRCS(C)

Dr. T. SheidowAfter obtaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo and a Bachelors of Education, Tom Sheidow received his undergraduate and postgraduate training in Ophthalmology at the University of Western  Ontario and Fellowship Retina training at the Barnes Retina Institute at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.  He is currently an active medical and surgical retina specialist in London, Canada, and also holds academic appointments in the University of Western Ontario, Department of Ophthalmology as Associate Professor of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Sheidow’s major clinical and research interests are in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and macular diseases.  He has been a participant in several of the major AMD clinical trials over recent years.  He is currently the organizer and principal investigator in the CAVE Study – a three armed prospective multicentred clinical trial evaluating Avastin monotherapy versus combination therapy with reduced fluence PDT (rPDT) and Avastin versus Triple therapy with Kenalog.  He is an active member of the Canadian Retinal Trials Group (CRTG) and his other current areas of interest are in Teleophthalmology and its application to patient screening and referral.

Ivey Eye Institute
St. Joseph's Hospital
268 Grosvenor Street
London, Ontario   N6A 4V2
Phone: 519 646-6100 ext. 58133 
Fax: 519 646-6355

Specialty: Vitreo Retinal Surgery
Clinical Focus: Macular Degeneration, Adult and Pediatric Surgical Retinal Disorders, Macular Diseases
Residency: The University of Western Ontario

Fellowship (Institution):
Vitreo Retinal Surgery,
Barnes Retina Institute, St. Louis, Missouri

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Ivey Eye Institute
University of Western Ontario

Dr. Sheidow's clinical research and publications

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