Specialized Geriatric Services: Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario

The Ministry of Health established guidelines in 1987 for the creation of Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) in Ontario. The RGPs were established in the five existing Ontario Medical School/Academic Health Sciences Centres between 1988 and 1992. These Centres include London, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa.

Their mandate includes:

  1. Clinical Services
  2. Teaching and Education
  3. Clinical Research and Evaluation
  4. Consultation

The primary goal of the RGP is to enable elderly people to live independently within their own communities through the provision of expert medical, functional and psychosocial assessment. Working in partnership with family practitioners, community agencies and support services, the RGP and its network seeks to ensure appropriate treatment of seniors with multiple problems, thereby avoiding inappropriate placement. Each RGP offers an array of services that reflects the needs of the region.

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