Assistive Technology Enabling Possibilities (ATEP)

What does Assistive Technology Enabling Possibilities (ATEP) offer?

For Hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels, stores, and other community agencies:

  1. Helping hospitals support patients who cannot communicate or who cannot access call bells, phones, or televisions
  2. Helping Auto Service Managers communicate with clients whose speech and/or hearing impairs their ability to discuss their auto repair needs
  3. Helping office buildings so that individuals who use wheel chairs cannot only get in the door but can also use the elevator independently.

For rehab clinicians (OT, SLP, PT) prescribing assistive technology for their client:

Your client is already using technology for many purposes but needs to integrate all of the systems to work together and support each other (e.g. using battery power for the iPad off the wheelchair):

  1. Your client's needs and/or abilities fall outside of the ADP funding. You have some innovative ideas of how to provide technology to support the client going beyond expectations... but you feel the need to brainstorm and trial options.
  2. Your client's needs and/or abilities fall outside the ADP mandate - you and the family feel that technology could offer some possibilities - you would like input on some "out of the box" strategies for you to try with your client.
  3. Your client is on the list for the Expanded Augmentative Communication and Assistive Devices Clinic at Toronto Rehab Institute but you are concerned that your client cannot tolerate the trip -- ATEP will support you and the TRI ADP team to complete the assessment via video conference out of our Parkwood Institute location.
  4. Your client has the right technology but it just needs a bit of technical tweaking.

Our strength is our team of experienced professionals


  • Conducted by a certified occupational therapist and a speech language pathologist.
  • Includes: medical history, physical assessment, perceptual assessment, visual/perceptual assessment, and cognitive assessment.
  • Needs and goals assessment to refine a plan.


  • Conducted by a licensed professional engineer.
  • Knowledgeable review of technologies that will fulfill your needs and goals.
  • Setup, trials and training with the latest type of appropriate technology.
  • Fabrication of electronic and mechanical systems to exactly suit your needs.

Knowledge and experience

  • Our team has extensive experience with brain and spinal cord injury, and the needs of our client
  • We have extensive knowledge of technology products, those devices capabilities, and uses.
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