Dental Clinic

Who we serve

St. Joseph’s Dental Clinic at Parkwood Institute serves all inpatients, residents and registered outpatients of Parkwood Institute, including those in the Veterans Care Program and Mental Health Care Program, as well as inpatients and registered outpatients of Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.  

Comprehensive dental services are an essential component of the medical care that patients of St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute and Southwest Centre receive. Dental clinics focus on disease prevention, management of oral health, rehabilitation, and restoration of oral function. Good dental health can improve esthetics, speech, nutrition, comfort, and over-all health.

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Our history

Our organization’s first dental clinic opened its doors in January of 1971, at the original Parkwood site which was run by The Women’s Christian Association and then known as “Parkwood Hospital for Incurables” located on Grand Avenue.

Over the years, the Dental Department grew and in 1984, when Parkwood Hospital became a part of St. Joseph’s Health Care London,  the clinic moved to the Commissioners Road location, expanding in size, hours and number of operators.

Today, St. Joseph’s Dental Department offers a broad scope of comprehensive and evidenced-based dental services across Parkwood Institute and Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care, to help meet the needs of the patients we serve.