Driving Assessment Programs at Parkwood lnstitute - Services

Medical driving assessment programs

Two medical driving assessment programs are offered at Parkwood Institute: the Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (DARP) and DriveABLE.

Both of these programs offer:

  • A medical assessment which includes a medical history, and a physical assessment to determine range of motion, strength and mobility
  • A cognitive assessment to evaluate memory, judgment, decision making, attention and reaction time
  • A driving evaluation consisting of a standardized on-road test

Following the assessments, the decision is made as to whether the client can continue driving safely; needs community driving lessons; needs driver rehabilitation at a medical facility; or needs to retire from driving.

DriveABLE and DARP

DriveABLE and DARP’s on-road tests follow Ministry of Transportation protocol. There is a fee for both programs.

While referrals to DARP can come from a physician, health care professional, case manager, insurance company, WSIB, family member or directly from the client, referrals to DriveABLE come only from physicians.

If you’re not sure whether to refer to DriveABLE or DARP, don’t worry – once you send the referral form through to central intake the best program will be selected.

 Clients served by DARP

  • DARP serves individuals with a variety of medical conditions, including but not limited to brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amputation, stroke, mental health disorder, cerebral palsy, driving anxiety, and spina bifida
  • Assessment outcomes include pass, fail or training (for those individuals who show the ability to learn to accommodate for their medical condition)
  • Adaptive equipment (such as left foot gas pedal, spinner knob, and hand controls) is available to enable individuals to drive who can no longer drive in the traditional manner with their feet
  • A prescription is provided to make the client’s vehicle accessible.  The prescription includes the type of vehicle (i.e., van) and the modifications needed (i.e., low-rise floor) based on whether the DARP client is the driver or the passenger
  • MTO approved vision waiver assessments are also completed, to enable those individuals who do not meet MTO vision requirements for peripheral vision the opportunity to prove that they can compensate for a vision loss and continue to be a safe driver

 Clients served by DriveABLE

  • DriveABLE assesses older drivers with a confirmed or suspected cognitive impairment such as dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Outcomes for a DriveABLE assessment include pass (an individual is safe to continue driving) or fail (it is no longer safe for that individual to drive)