Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Program - How To Access

Admission criteria

  • Impairments and disability that require in-patient rehabilitation admission
  • Clear rehabilitation goals typically defined as improving mobility and functional independence
  • Medical stability to allow participation in rehabilitation therapies
  • Medical and cognitive/emotional ability to take part in rehabilitation therapies
  • Motivation to actively participate in the program
  • A clearly stated and agreed upon discharge destination

Referral process

  • All referrals received through our intake number are reviewed by our nurse clinician.
  • Each patient referred to our program is assessed by our nurse clinician to determine the patient goals and eligibility for rehabilitation.
  • The nurse clinician will consult with our attending physician following the intake assessment.
  • If the nurse clinician and physician determine the patient is eligible for rehabilitation, the nurse clinician will work with the patient and their caregivers to arrange admission to the musculoskeletal unit.
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