Stroke Rehabilitation Programs - What To Expect

A patient-centred approach is carefully woven into the design of the entire program with a team of professionals sharing their expertise.

The team strives to assist the patient to achieve his/her highest possible degree of physical and psychological performance.

Key components

  • Respect for patient's values, preferences and expressed needs
  • Coordination and integration of care
  • Information, communication and education
  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional support
  • Involvement of family and friends
  • Transition and continuity of care

Patients and their families are provided with an opportunity for instruction, support, protected practice, education, reassurance, direct assistance and feedback.

Rehabilitation has been described as "the planned withdrawal of support" and involves the systematic removal of assistance and return of control to the patient.

The team is involved with the patient and family in goal setting, planning and implementing treatments.