Budget 2020/21

St. Joseph’s Health Care London continues to be one of the Province’s most complex health care organizations today, providing support through a truly unique mix of clinical care and service to a wide range of stakeholders.

We acknowledge our important obligation to maintain excellence in care while continually seeking ways to do things better. It is St. Joseph’s goal to continue in this approach through rigorous financial practices, built on those of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, and we continue in their tradition of careful planning.

Summary of Facts About St. Joseph’s

  • A teaching and research-based hospital
  • Comprised of: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Parkwood lnstitute, Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care, Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, and 12 team and service locations across the region
  • Major roles in: day and short stay surgery; complex chronic disease management; specialized mental health care; rehabilitation; complex continuing care; palliative care; long term care; and veterans care
  • Affiliated with Western University, St. Joseph's provides learning experiences for students from colleges and universities around the world

Lawson Health Research Institute - the research arm of St. Joseph’s and London Health Sciences Centre

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation - grants funds to advance patient care, comfort and innovation through donor support for equipment, environments and research not funded via governments. Donor resources do not support annual operations.

2020/21 Operating Budget:

2019/2020 Expense $501.6 million
Ontario Provincial Funding $352.9 million
Federal Funding (Veterans Affairs Canada) $32.0 million
Other Funding Sources $117.2 million

Facts and Stats for the Year Ended March 31, 2020:

Inpatient Beds 1,001 (all sites)
Additional COVID-19 Pandemic Surge Beds 51 (all sites)
Outpatient/Outreach Visits* 956,387
Day/Short Stay Surgeries 21,822
Inpatient Surgeries 1,676
Urgent Care Visits 47,736
Employees 4,353
Physicians/dentists** 1,336
Residents/Clinical Fellows/Medical Students** 2,205
Other Health Discipline Students 798***
Volunteers 896 (All sites)
*Includes visits with physicians, nurses, therapists and other members of the care team 
**Total number working across St. Joseph's and London Health Sciences Centre
***Numbers end as of March 16 due to COVID-19 and placement cancellations

Learn more:

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