Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health

Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health is combining health research and education with innovative approaches to care for patients experiencing the debilitating effects of brain disease or injury. 

Dementia, stroke, neurological injury, traumatic brain injury, and mental illness can play havoc on the ability to perform the basics so crucial to an active, productive life, such as learning, remembering and making decisions. Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health at St. Joseph’s is taking aim at these debilitating disorders. Here, highly specialized clinicians, researchers and other health care providers are collaborating on ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disorders of the brain.  

Mission Statement:

Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health will advance interdisciplinary research, education and clinical care in brain health and cognitive vitality. We will be focused on quality of life, prevention, early detection and rehabilitation, through best practices and effective knowledge translation. We will create synergies in care for those living with cognitive impairment as a result of dementia, mental illness, acquired brain injury and stroke.

Last updated: Wed, 2016-02-03 08:35