How to Refer to Palliative Care

Admission Guidelines:

  • Patients are admitted for pain and symptom management, or end-of-life care
  • Adults from London and surrounding area
  • Living with a limiting illness
  • Support of an interdisciplinary team
  • A "do not resuscitate" is in place
  • Length of stay is expected to be less than three months
  • Facility/team is able to meet the care needs of the patient (does not require interventions that we can not provide/access)

Discharge Guidelines:

  • The needs of the patient and/or family have stabilized and death is not imminent
  • The patient’s needs can effectively be met within the community services (home or long-term care)
  • or The patient requires/requests acute care interventions and is more appropriately cared for within an acute care facility

How to Refer to Palliative Care from:

Fax a completed referral form to the Parkwood Access Office at 519-685-4804.

Refer a patient to Palliative Care

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