How to Refer to Palliative Care

Admission Guidelines:

  • Adults from London and surrounding area
  • Living with a progressive terminal illness
  • Requiring in-patient admission for pain and/or symptom management, respite or end-of-life care
  • Support of the interdisciplinary team
  • “Allow Natural Death” is in place
  • Facility/team is able to meet the care needs of the patient (does not require interventions that we can not provide/access)

Patients are admitted from the community (60%) and acute care hospitals (40%)

Discharge Guidelines:

  • The needs of the patient and/or family have stabilized and death is not imminent
  • The patient’s needs can effectively be met within the community services (home or LTC)
  • There is an appropriate discharge location identified
  • or The patient has completed a pre-arranged length of admission (i.e. a 2 week respite stay)
  • or The patient requires/requests acute care interventions and is more appropriately cared for within an acute care facility

How to Refer to Palliative Care from:

From the Community:

  • Admissions from the community are identified by CCAC (Community Care Access Center). A patient in the community in crisis will take priority over a patient already in a hospital bed.
  • The patient’s physician or visiting nurse contacts CCAC to request an in-patient admission. The community nurse will complete the two page Referral to Palliative Care Services and faxes this to CCAC. The CCAC Case Manager will assess whether the patient requires non-acute or acute palliative care, identify available beds and arrange admission to the most appropriate bed.

From Another Hospital:

  • If a bed is not available, the name of the patient is placed on a waiting list. When an appropriate bed is available admitting arrangements including admitting physician are organized by the PCU Nurse Clinician. The following documentation will be provided: Up-to-date Consultation notes, lab results, Conley Falls Risk Scale and New Admission Information sheet will be provided for the admitting nurse.

Refer a patient to Palliative Care

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