Complex Care

Directions and Contact

For most, Complex Care is just one stop along the way in the care journey. The length of time patients stay with us depends on the type of treatment they need. The team works with patients to identify goals of care that will assist them in transitioning back to the community. This plan will include identifying community supports they will need when discharged. The only patients who stay longer are those with very complex and intensive clinical care needs, such as those needing long-term mechanical ventilation or palliative care. 

The Complex Care Program provides compassionate care for patients and families who are dealing with a “life-altering” complex condition resultant from injury or disease. Our team of professionals work together to support our patients’ goals for care and/or meet their needs for continuing care. Complex Care is a part of the health services continuum designed to provide medical management, skilled nursing and a range of interdisciplinary, diagnostic, therapeutic and technological services to achieve patient identified goals and optimize the quality of life of individuals who have a chronic complex condition.

Complex Care provides transitional care to support individuals needs in anticipation of a return to a community setting (e.g. home or other residential living) when possible; other patients are here to receive palliative and end of life care. The length of time patients spend in Parkwood Institute's Complex Care Program varies according to the patient’s need.

Complex Care also provides Residential Management for individuals requiring long term mechanical ventilation.


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