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Help at the press of a button

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ConnectCare - helping you live safely while maintaining your independence, peace of mind and quality of life.

ConnectCare is a medical alert system that lets you easily summon help when you need it.

ConnectCare Basic Medical Alert System

Simply pressing the personal help button immediately connects subscribers with a representative at the Response Centre. The representative identifies the need and gets help to the subscriber quickly. Depending on the situation they will send over a responder in the form of a family member, friend or neighbour, support staff or EMS to provide help. If the subscriber is unable to speak, help will still be summoned.

AutoAlert Option

The AutoAlert option offers an added layer of protection as it automatically calls for help if a subscriber has fallen and is unable to press the button because they are immobilized or unconscious.

ConnectCare is ideal for older adults, those with a disability or anyone who lives alone and wants the reassurance that help is available at the press of a button.

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