Construction & Temporary Disruptions

To assist you with your visit please note the following planned disruptions that are currently taking place throughout our various hospital sites. We apologize for the inconvenience.

St. Joseph's Hospital - Pedestrian entrance at north side of Grosvenor Street parking garage

Start Date:2018-12-17
End Date:2019-01-29
Time:12:00am - 12:00am
Reason for Disruption:With safety a priority at St. Joseph’s, a new pedestrian entrance to the Grosvenor Street parking garage is now open for use. The new entrance, featuring a canopy and vestibule, is now located directly across from the pedestrian crosswalk on Grosvenor Street. With access in and out of the garage in line with the crosswalk, safe crossing using the crosswalk will be facilitated. The entrance will have three steps down into the garage. Those needing a barrier free entrance can continue to use the west entrance near Richmond Street. The project also includes replacing the exterior stair landing outside the existing door into the parking garage and stairwell. The direct exit via the main garage stairwell is now closed while the exterior stair landing is replaced.
Alternate Facilities/Services:During replacement of the exterior stair landing, the following can be expected: • The new pedestrian entrance and vestibule to the parking garage is now open for use • A section of the sidewalk on the south side of Grosvenor Street will be closed at certain times. Pedestrians will be directed to cross at Wellington Road or Richmond Street. • Jack-hammering of existing concrete will unavoidably result in noise and some dust. We thank you for your patience as we undertake this important project, which will enhance the safety of our patients, and visitors, as well as all those working at St. Joseph’s Hospital.