Executive Compensation: Jodi Younger

Annual salary = $200,129

Eligible to earn up to 3% of base salary based on established performance targets

5 weeks vacation per calendar year

Executive Benefit Plan

Extended Health Care plan, semi private hospitalization and dental, short term and long term disability insurance

Flexible spending account of $8,000 per year inclusive of health care spending account provisions

12 paid statutory holidays

Life Insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage each in the amount of $500,000

Out of province and country business and personal comprehensive travel insurance

Automobile allowance of $1,000 per month

Up to $1,000 annually for professional dues for up to two professional associations

Professional development fund of $5,000 plus five days paid leave per year for professional development

Member of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

One time amount of up to $20,000 for moving expenses to cover relocation costs

Limited early retiree benefits package available up to age 65 provided the employee pays 100% of the premium cost. Benefits include semi-private hospitalization, extended health, dental benefits and a flat amount of $100,000 life insurance

Terms for the termination of employment by the Employer not for cause:

  • 52 weeks of base salary
  • continuation of Hospitalization, Extended health, Dental, Life Insurance, out-of-province and country travel insurance and executive flexible spending account benefits for a period equal to the notice period
  • continuation of HOOPP pension plan for a period equal to the notice period
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