Diabetes Education Centre: Celebrating 40 Years

Diabetes Celebrates 40 Years

On November 14, 2013  we marked the 40th anniversary of the Diabetes Education Centre (DEC) of St. Joseph’s Health Care London. The DEC was one of the first in Canada and an important turning point in the management of diabetes. St. Joseph’s was a pioneer in understanding the value to patients of diabetes education.

The creation of the Diabetes Education Centre 40 years ago is a remarkable milestone well worth celebrating. To help us do so, we have compiled some fascinating facts, photos and stories on the illustrious history of the DEC.

We encourage you to explore the stories and pictures in this special 40 year celebration section. The vision, tireless efforts and generosity of spirit of our endocrinologists, staff, and patients have contributed to this 40-year history of progress in diabetes education and to them we extend a special thank you. We continue to collect stories for this site. For those who would like to contribute, please contact Dahlia Reich at dahlia.reich@sjhc.london.on.ca.

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