Dr. Tisha Joy

Dr. Tisha Joy

Dr. Joy is an assistant professor, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario (Western). Dr. Joy is also associate scientist with the Lawson Health Research Institute and adjunct professor with the foods and nutrition program at Brescia University College.

Following completion of Bachelors of Science (Honours) in Microbiology from the University of Toronto, Dr. Joy completed her endocrinology training in 2006 at Western and subsequently did a two-year research fellowship. The first year of her fellowship focused on HIV-related lipodystrophy at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in Boston and the second year focused on cholesterol disorders including genetic lipodystrophies at Robarts Research Institute in London. She participates actively in the education of medical students and residents, and received the Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education from Western.

Dr. Joy primarily sees individuals with cholesterol disorders or type 2 diabetes.

Her research interests are in fat distribution, cholesterol disorders, nutrition, and disorders of insulin resistance. She has published several articles in these fields.

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