Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment for Your Diabetes

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Insulin Pumps

Insulin Pump Therapy is continuing to become more popular, particularly with type 1 patients.  The pumps are improving and more closely mimicking a pancreas which overall should improve your control.  Remember, the pump is only as good as the user and this requires a commitment, time and an experienced team to help provide the education and follow-up you will need to learn the basics and the advanced features of your chosen pump.

Should I go on the pump?

Contact your Diabetes Educator and attend a Pump Information Class to learn more about the pros and cons of “Pumping.”

What pump should I pick?

Contact the Pump Vendors to learn more about the individual differences

handout: selecting the appropriate insulin pump

What is the ADP (Assistive Device Program) in Ontario?

The Assistive Devices Program is administered by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care.  The ADP program provides insulin pumps to type 1 patients in Ontario who meet the criteria.

handout: funding for pumps and insulin supplies

What is the Pump Start Process?

handout: pump start information for patients

insulin pumps

insulin pump

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