Diabetes Education Centre: Classes Offered

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All classes require a referral from a primary care provider (family physician) to the Diabetes Education Centre. If you have questions regarding referrals, please phone the Diabetes Education Centre.

 Living Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes

  • Getting Started (3 hours)
    What is diabetes?
    What causes diabetes?
    Blood sugar monitoring and targets
    Benefits of physical activity
    Healthy eating basics
    Meal planning strategies
  • Taking Charge (3 hours)
    Factors affecting blood sugars
    Complications of diabetes
    Carbohydrate counting
    Introduction to label reading
    Heart healthy eating
  • Reviewing Medications (2.5 hours)
    Diabetes medications
    Hypoglycemia and driving guidelines
    Medications affecting blood sugars
    Over-the-couner and herbal medications
    Sick day management
    Special considerations
    Other medications commonly used by people with diabetes
  • Moving Forward (1.5 hours)
    'Exercise is medicine'  - physical activity for health and wellness
    Pre-activity screening - general health questions and a brief medical assessment
    Overview of the 12-week Diabetes Fitness and Lifestyle Program, including sessions at the YMCA

    View a video about the 12-week supervised fitness and lifestyle program held at the downtown YMCA and hear what a patient has to say about the experience.

 Tune-Up Class

A group session held 6 to 12 months after the Living Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes classes to review and update information important for your diabetes management.  Some of the topics that will be discussed are: blood glucose checking, medications, weight management, activity and meal plan review. 

 Advanced Carb Counting

Learn to accurately determine the carbohydrate content of foods and match carbs with your insulin. This class is for all individuals on MDI (multiple daily injections of insulin) and is recommended for those considering an insulin pump.

 Heart Health

Learn about blood fats and how to modify your lifestyle choices to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Topics discussed include food fat terminology, lowering salt intake, reading food labels to make heart healthy choices and incorporating activity into your lifestyle.

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