Bone Mineral Densitometry: How to Prepare

How to Prepare
Avoid wearing clothes with metal buttons or buckles for the test. You also may want to remove any jewellery that might interfere with the scan (such as a bracelet if you are having the scan done on your wrist).

How It Is Done
You will need to lie on your back on a padded table. You can usually leave your clothes on. You may need to lie with your legs straight or with your lower legs resting on a platform built into the table.

The densitometry machine will scan your bones and measure the amount of radiation they absorb. The DEXA technique, which scans the hip and lower spine, takes only about 10 minutes to perform. Other techniques may take longer.

Testing at least two different bones (preferably the hip and spine) each time is the most reliable way of measuring BMD. It is best to test the same bones and to use the same measurement technique and BMD equipment each time.

Last updated: Mon, 2011-04-04 09:47