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The Diagnostic Imaging Centre at St. Joseph's Health Care of London is a cornerstone of the organization. In keeping with health care trends, the Diagnostic Imaging Centre is primarily an outpatient service in an ambulatory setting that supports our in-house programs, a broad community referral base and our acute care centre partners. The program, expanded by the implementation of PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System), is uniquely positioned for the future and will be further enhanced by dynamic clinical and research innovation using the newest imaging modalities.

Patient undergoing MRI scan while technologists review image

For your visit:

For your safety,  you may be required to have a driver
Across St. Joseph’s, safety is a priority as part of our vision to earn complete confidence in the care we provide. Your safety is important to us, not only during your stay or visit but also prior to and after any procedure.  To help ensure your safety, you will receive pre-procedure instructions and post procedure instructions for the majority of procedures you have done at St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

It is important for your well-being that you follow these instructions.  While you may feel fine immediately after a procedure everyone reacts differently to medications and treatments. For some procedures, it’s important you have someone with you who will ensure you arrive home safely after your procedure.  For such procedures, you will receive instructions indicating that you are required to have a driver. Your procedure may be canceled if you do not have someone with you.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure your safe arrival home and, if a complication should occur after you have left our care, that you have someone who can assist you. If you have any questions about this requirement please contact Patient Relations at 519 646-6100 ext. 61234.

What's new

St. Joseph's Hospital has become the first Canadian hospital to install the latest in mammography technology that allows patients to personally control and adjust the rate of compression during the exam. The Senographe Pristina designed by GE Healthcare is a groundbreaking new breast imaging platform designed by women for women. The mammography machine allows patients to take breast health into their own hands – literally – with a first in-industry, patient-assisted compression tool. Using a remote, patients choose the amount of compression according to their comfort level. Learn about this exciting development and what patients have to say about it. 


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