Liz's 4 x 4 x 48 Charity Running Challenge


My Story

Hi! My name is Liz Sneddon from London, Ontario. I am participating in the David Goggins’ 4 x 4 x 48 Running Charity from Friday, March 5 at 11:00 pm to Sunday, March 7 at 11:00 pm and will be raising money for mental health in my community. The funds I raise will go to the MINDS project at St. Joseph’s Health Care London – dedicated to tackling complex mental health challenges facing youth in our region.

I am a soulmate to an incredible and supportive man, Ken McLennan. 25 years ago, we merged our two families into one with 4 amazing boys, BJ, Adam, Scott and Trevor. In November 2013, we lost our son BJ to suicide and then 4 months later, we lost Adam from heart failure in his sleep. It is now a mission and passion of our family to bring awareness to mental health in our community.

Your Impact

Your generous donations will support Canada's first social innovation lab working with transitional-aged youth (ages 16 to 25) as co-researchers to tackle complex mental health system challenges. MINDS uses social innovation, collective impact, and youth participatory-action research to strategically develop and evaluate high-potential interventions that tackle the wicked and growing problem of mental ill-health and addictions in transitional-aged youth in our community. During this period of heightened social isolation and uncertainty, your support of mental health initiatives is more important than ever.

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BJ & Adam

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This challenge will not only test me physically but mentally as well. Knowing that I am going to have to run 4 miles (6.4 km) every four hours for 48 hours (a total of 48 miles / 77.25 km) and will not be getting my solid eight hours of quality sleep each night in my warm cozy bed – this will be a challenge for my mind.

I will be posting regular updates on my social media pages:

Donations over $20 will receive a charitable tax receipt from St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

Please join me in helping our community by way of your donations, sharing my event on your social media platforms and talking about it with your friends, family and colleagues.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support in helping to make a positive impact to the lives of others.

Much Love,
Liz Sneddon

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