Mental Health First Aid for Seniors

The Mental Health First Aid for Seniors two-day course trains participants to effectively respond to an emerging mental health problem or crisis, until the situation is resolved or appropriate treatment is found. Registration is limited and a course fee of $32 is payable online through the registration form below (once new sessions become available).

This course is available to Long Term Care Home (LTCH) staff throughout the South West LHIN region, including: Physicians, RN, RPN, PSW, occupational therapists, social workers, and additional healthcare personnel in a Long-Term Care setting. For each session, registration will close 2 days before the scheduled date or when the maximum number of registrants for the session is reached. In order to secure your spot, please register early. If a session is already full, we invite you to join our wait-list. When a session becomes available in your sub-region, you will be contacted by email.

Course Description

Canada has an aging population. As of July 1, 2015, there were more people aged 65 years and older in Canada than children under the age of 15 years. The likelihood of experiencing a mental health problem or illness in a given year increases as of age 69 and currently, men aged 80 and older have the highest suicide rates in Canada.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for Seniors is focused on increasing the capacity of seniors, families (informal caregivers), friends, staff in care settings and communities. The course is intent on promoting mental health in seniors, preventing mental illness and suicide wherever possible in seniors, and intervening early when problems first emerge. 

The course content and resource materials are based on best available evidence and practice guidelines and were developed in consultation with Canadian experts in the field of geriatric psychiatry. The curriculum was developed for the Mental Health Commission of Canada at Trillium Health Partners, a healthcare organizations which priorities seniors’ health and wellness. Specifically, the course is comprised of the following eight topics: 1) Seniors, 2) Mental Health First Aid for Seniors, 3) Substance-Related Disorders for Seniors, 4) Mood-Related Disorders for Seniors, 5) Anxiety- and Trauma-Related Disorders for Seniors, 6) Dementia, 7) Delirium, and 8) Psychosis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the symptoms of mental health problems or crises as they develop in seniors
  • Provide the initial help to seniors
  • Guide a senior and caregiver towards appropriate professional help
  • Provide strategies and resources to support both seniors and their caregivers

If you have any questions about this course delivery, please contact the instructor(s) listed below delivering your course. In order to maintain costs low, we ask that you please bring your lunch and nutritional snacks. As well, please come equipped with paper and pencil to the session.

Please note: If there are fewer than 10 registrants for a session, it will be cancelled two days prior to the scheduled date. In this case, all registrants will receive an email notification and a reimbursement of the course fee ($32).

Content above originally published on the Mental Health Commission of Canada website.

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