Pink Hair for Breast Care

Pink Hair for Breast Care

My name is Peter Masters and I’ve been a part of the diagnostic imaging team in the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital for over 35 years. 

I am so proud to be part of this group of care providers. Much of it comes from hearing the positive feedback we receive from patients about the kind of compassionate care we provide.

The idea to dye my hair pink came from my daughter Natalie. Who knew wanting to cover my gray would turn into a fun fundraiser that we’ve all gotten a good laugh over? But it means so much more. 

Like most people in our community, breast cancer has impacted our family’s life. Over the past few years, we’ve lost both my step-mother and my favorite aunt to this disease. 

Please support me in this fundraiser, and feel free to make fun of me with my bright pink hair!

Facts & Stats

  • In total, about 20,000 patients a year are seen at the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre for imaging and surgery services.
  • About 23,000 mammograms, 7,200 breast ultrasounds, 700 breast MRI scans, and 50 MRI-guided breast biopsies are performed each year at St. Joseph’s.
  • About 100 patients a day receive breast imaging at the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre.
  • About 850 breast surgical procedures are performed each year at St. Joseph’s, which is the only hospital in the region offering MRI-guided breast biopsies. Other procedures include aspirations, lumpectomies, mastectomies and reconstructive surgery. 
  • For women as young as 30, St. Joseph’s is a high-risk breast screening site of the Ontario Breast Screening Program.  

Please Support me in My Journey from Going Gray to Pink!


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