Roy Butler

Annual salary = $200,129

Eligible to earn up to 3% of base salary based on established performance targets

5 weeks vacation per calendar year

Executive Benefit Plan-
Extended Health Care plan, semi private hospitalization and dental, short term and long term disability insurance

Flexible spending account of $8,000 per year inclusive of health care spending account provisions

12 paid statutory holidays

Life Insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage each in the amount of $500,000

Out of province and country business and personal comprehensive travel insurance

Automobile allowance of $1,000 per month

Up to $1,000 annually for professional dues for up to two professional associations

Professional development fund of $5,000 plus five days paid leave per year for professional development

Member of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

Limited early retiree benefits package available up to age 65. Benefits include semi-private hospitalization, extended health, dental benefits and a flat amount of $100,000 life insurance

Terms for the termination of employment by the Employer not for cause:
-52 weeks minimum plus four weeks’ notice for each full year of continuous employment pro-rated to the date of termination up to a maximum of 104 weeks
-continuation of Hospitalization, Extended health, Dental, out-of-province and country travel insurance and executive flexible spending account benefits for a period equal to the notice period
-continuation of HOOPP pension plan for a period equal to the notice period
-lump  sum payment equal to the automobile allowance for the notice period
-upon request Outplacement services to a maximum of $8.000.

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