Influenza Prevention

As health care workers, St. Joseph's recognizes that it is our duty to do no harm and our responsibility to protect our patients, co-workers, family and community from the spread of influenza. Getting the influenza vaccination is one way we protect the vulnerable people that we serve.

We have worked diligently to provide our staff and physicians with the opportunity to be vaccinated through clinics held here at St. Joseph's. We have also been providing education materials, evidence-based facts and open dialogue to dispel any misconceptions and myths. We have been stressing the seriousness of influenza and encouraging staff to get their vaccination before an outbreak occurs.

Visitors can help protect reduce the spread of influenza and protect vulnerable patients by:

  • not visiting if feeling unwell
  • getting the flu shot
  • washing hands with hand sanitizer:
       -before entering the hospital, the care unit, the patient’s room
       -when leaving patient’s room and the hospital
       -after coughing, sneezing or blowing nose
  • coughing or sneezing into sleeve
  • following these steps when visiting a patient in isolation:
       -not going to other areas of the hospital
       -wearing mask, eye protection, gloves and gown

A message from Dr. Michael John

Know the facts, dispel the myths.

Watch a message from Dr. Michael John, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control:

Separate the myths from the facts about flu vaccinations.


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