Building an Indigenous Healing Space

Indigenous women sitting down together

Your gift today will help us change the landscape of mental health care for Indigenous people across our region through the creation of the Biigajiiskaan “Culture as Care” project, integrating traditional and holistic practice with clinical care.

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Leading the way to bridging cultures and promoting recovery and reconciliation

Indigenous communities across Southwestern Ontario experience high rates of mental illness, substance abuse and suicide. But our current mental health care system does not hold a space for these individuals or their culture.

Only 25% of Indigenous adults in London rate their health as excellent or very good compared to 60% of adults in Middlesex-London.

With your help, St. Joseph’s can take the lead in creating an integrated care model that incorporates evidence-based clinical practice with cultural practices focused on healing and recovery.

The Biigajiiskaan “Culture as Care” project will create a welcoming and respectful healing space and mental health care program so that Indigenous people feel safe asking for help and receive the right supports throughout their care journey.

Together we can take the next steps

Funding for the project’s clinical and administrative costs (approximately $2.4 million) has already been approved through the government’s Journeying Together funding opportunity.

But there is no government funding for the capital costs and partial research costs required to lay the groundwork for the next steps: 

  • Creating an Urban Healing Lodge on the grounds of Parkwood Institute by renovating and retrofitting an existing heritage building
  • Completing the Traditional Healing Space currently located in Parkwood Institute’s Mental Health Care Building so it is suitable for healing ceremonies like smudging

These critical components will cost approximately $600,000 to complete.

We need champions of culture to create change. With your support, we can improve mental health care for Indigenous people in our community, creating an impact that will benefit generations to come.

Funding need: $600,000