Combating the Pandemic Together

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You can help St. Joseph's response

As the number of new cases continue to rise worldwide, the fight against the coronavirus here in London and across Canada is urgent. Medical researchers at St. Joseph’s are moving forward with clinical trials that could potentially prevent and treat this life-threatening disease, alleviate stress on the healthcare system and reduce the mortality rate.

The St. Joseph’s Health Crisis Fund was created to accelerate novel treatments to combat the virus through St. Joseph’s research arm Lawson Health Research Institute. As well, support critical medical equipment and comfort items for healthcare workers across St. Joseph’s. 

Our organization's founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, faced contagious diseases and other pandemics at different times in our history. Today, it’s a different time, and a different disease – but we step up to this challenge with the same spirit of togetherness and compassion.

Donate Now

Your gifts have already been put into action. You’ve helped fund 25 iPads and 5 SMART Boards that keep patients and residents connected to family and friends. Care teams are also able to use these devices to provide interactive therapy and recreational programming during this time of isolation.

You have also helped launch two clinical research trials focused on preventative treatments for at risk health care workers and elderly patients and residents who have come in contact with COVID-19. In addition, you are giving our frontline health care workers a boost each morning with daily refreshments and treats served across St. Joseph’s as an expression of gratitude. But there are many other immediate and emerging needs that still need your support.

  • Your Donation Matters Here

    Your support will help St. Joseph's keep our community healthy.

    Dr. Michael Silverman