Turning Ideas into Inventions

Scientists using technology

Ideas for the next breakthrough in medical imaging are just waiting to be tested. But without the tools to build and explore, they remain ideas. With your donations we will upgrade our Prototyping Laboratory so that researchers can construct new devices that will enhance patient care with greater precision and speed.

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A lab that inspires scientists to turn ideas into inventions

The Laboratory for Advanced Medical Prototyping (LAMP) will allow the Imaging team at Lawson to create more complex and reliable devices for the groundbreaking research. This will improve care for patients by expediting bench-to-bedside research so people benefit from new innovations as soon as possible. 

From prototype to patient care

One example of a prototype built in the lab that’s being put into action is a photoacoustic scanner. This world-first is a game-changer for removing a tumour from the breast. One in five people will need another surgery to remove cancerous tissue that was missed during a lumpectomy procedure.

The photoacoustic scanner has the ability to rapidly scan the tumour and tissue around it in real time for cancerous cells. If there is healthy tissue around the tumour it means the surgeon has been able to remove all cancer from the breast. If cancer is still detected around the tumour, the surgeon continues working until the scan comes back clear. This means no additional surgery is needed when the patient leaves.  

Groundbreaking devices like the photoacoustic scanner start as an idea. Putting an idea into practice depends on good design. With LAMP in operation, physicians and researchers at St. Joseph's will find it easier to test their ideas and change the future of health care.

Funding Need: $624,049

“The upgrade to this facility is a huge leap: it’s like going from a flip phone to an iPhone.” 

Lynn Keenliside
Manager, Technical Facilities, Imaging Program