Using technology to support motor recovery following stroke: A panel discussion

An ever-growing body of evidence supports the use of technology-based interventions for physical rehabilitation in stroke, yet their use in clinical practice has traditionally been low compared to behavioral interventions.

This presentation provides an overview of the technologies and devices for motor rehabilitation post stroke, the evidence for their use, and the results from a national survey of awareness and use of these technologies among physical and occupational therapists.

The panel discussion examines the barriers that limit awareness and use of technologies, how to implement these therapeutic options in practice and educate more researchers, clinicians and patients on their importance. The panel  consists of researchers, a therapist, an administrator, a physiatrist and a person with lived experience.

Presenters: Amanda McIntyre, Marcus Saikaley, Manny Paiva, Karen O'Neil, Vern Robinson, Robert Teasell

View the video event: Using Technology to Support Motor Recovery Following Stroke

Location & Details

This event took place on June 30, 2022