Virtual physical activity programming during  the pandemic

portrait of Swati Mehta, PhD

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced access to safe, monitored physical activity programs for people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Inactivity can contribute to a multitude of secondary complications including worsening physiological and psychosocial health, but tele-rehabilitation has the potential to help patients keep active, without the risk of exposure to viruses.

Swati Mehta, PhD, leader of the RehabPsych Lab, presented her study that evaluates the feasibility and limited efficacy of an online, group-based physical activity program for patients with SCI, accessible in large cities and rural settings.

portrait of Dr. Steven Macaluso

Dr. Steven Macaluso, MD, led a panel discussion on improving engagement through group-based virtual physical activity.

Patients with lived experience and other experts considered how this programming can be adapted and spread. 

View the video event: Improving engagement through group-based physical activity.


Location & Details

This event took place Mar. 23, 2022