Infectious Diseases Care Program: Services

  • Medical/psycho-social consultation, assessment, follow-up and referral
  • Medication counseling, including drug / alternative medication interactions
  • Blood drawing
  • Preventive therapies and interventions
  • Dosette program
  • Clinical trials (medications)
  • Support, counseling and therapy
  • Nutritional assessment, counseling and education
  • Health promotion and teaching
  • Safer sex and safer needle use teaching
  • Community education
  • Interpreter / translation services as required (arranged prior to visits)

HIV Peer Support Is Here For You

 Learning to live with HIV can be challenging, even overwhelming.  You may have questions about the virus, treatment, medication and where to get help.  At St. Joseph’s Hospital a peer mentor provides a safe place to ask questions, can help you understand HIV, and will assist you in getting the care you need.  The peer mentor knows what it’s like to live with HIV because they are living with it too.

All it takes is a phone call. If you would like to talk with a peer mentor, please call the Infectious Diseases Care Program social worker at 519-646-6100, ext. 61721 and leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Your call is confidential. You can choose to leave your name or not. A peer mentor will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Last updated: Thu, 2019-09-05 16:34