iSee Vision Screening Research Program

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80 per cent of what children learn in school is acquired through what they see, but 1 in 20 preschoolers has a vision problem.

iSee is was a pilot research program of St. Joseph's Ivey Eye Institute made possible by donations from individuals, corporations and community organizations to St. Joseph's Heath Care Foundation. Research aimed to examine photoscreening as a useful and rapid tool in identifying children with eye conditions that can cause amblyopia. Children aged 18 months to 6 years in London Ontario and nearby surrounding communities, participated in this pilot research program for lazy eye through St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Ivey Eye Institute - Ivey Special Eye Examination Services (iSee).  It was as easy as taking a picture and the screening camera gave immediate results. Screening is for early detection and treatment of amblyopia (‘lazy eye’) to prevent irreversible vision impairment.

We would like to thank the London Central Lions Club for their philanthropic and volunteer support for this important community program.

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