iSee Vision Screening Research Program: London Optometrists

A list of community optometrists in the city of London participating in the research program has been compiled for your quick reference:

Adelaide Optometric Centre
906 Adelaide St. North
London, ON N5Y 2M7
519 432 6142
Drs. Gregory Millar, Renzo Pierazzo
1255 Commissioners Rd. West
London, ON N6K 3N5
(519) 471-3500
Drs Ryan Bohnert, Shilpa Patil, Susan Buxton
122 Central Ave
London, ON N6A 1M5
519 432 1875
Drs. Richard Traczuk, Wesdon McCann
1105 Wellington Rd S, Unit 483
(inside White Oaks mall)
London, ON N6E 1V4
519 907 0084
Dr. Alex Cendrowski
268 Grosvenor Street, Room B1-046
London, ON N6A 4V2
(519) 646-6229
Dr. Alexander Mao
458 Queens Ave.
London, ON N6B 1X9
(519) 434-2221
Dr. Cheryl Letheren
1750 Ernest Ave.
London, ON N6E 3H3
(519) 668-6908
Drs. Heather Blain, Robert Sharpe
600 Colborne Street,
London, ON N6B 2V2
519 679 6001
Drs. David Lawrence, Harry Van Ymeren,
Stacey Townshend, Vanessa Varriano
999 Hamilton Rd.
London ON N5W 1A4
521 451 5111
Drs. Danielle McPhee, Jeffrey Drexler, Lisa
Pray, Raewyn Leech
316 Wharncliffe Rd. N.
London, ON N6G 1E2
Drs. Thomas Psutka, Michael Fenn, Murray
1288 Highbury Ave N,
London ON N5Y 1B4
Drs. Deborah Delaney, Gary M. Curik
393 Wharncliffe Rd. South
London, ON N6J 2M3
(519) 672-0998
Dr. Christina Schroop
655 Fanshawe Park Road West,
London, ON N6G 5B4
519 473 2023
Dr. Catherine Walden
206-1071 Wellington Rd.
London, ON N6E 1W4
Dr. Jason Morris
Unit 2-3010 Colonel Talbot Rd.
London, ON N6P 0B3
519 652 1616
Dr. Beverly Dodge
585 Springbank Drive
London, ON N6J 1H3
(519) 472-0210
Dr. Paul Coates, Dr. David White, Dr. Tim Wilbee
Dr. Alice Lennox, Dr. Emma Rickert
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