Locomotor Training

Locomotor Training

Has a spinal cord injury, brain injury or other neurological injury left you unable to stand or walk? Do you fatigue easily or require a brace or assistive device?

Locomotor Training (LT) is an exciting opportunity now offered at Parkwood Institute's Neurotrauma Rehab Program.

The LT Program at Parkwood Institute is an intensive outpatient physical therapy program that involves a combination of step training on the treadmill, over ground and functional mobility training. 

The advantages of the LT Program are being studied through the Neurorecovery Network sponsored by the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation. This training is believed to affect a person's recovery of walking, community mobility and overall health and wellness.

The Locomotor Training Program is a fee for service program.

Locomotor Training at St. Joseph's Parkwood Institute - St. Joseph's Parkwood Institute is one of only a few hospitals in North America using an intensive new therapy to help people with a spinal cord or acquired brain injury regain lower body strength, and, in some cases, even walk again.

Contact Us:

For more information about the Locomotor Training Program at Parkwood Institute please contact Kristin Wanless at 519-646-6100 extention 42436 or Katie Gosner  at 519-646-6100 extention 41404. 

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